Figure 2: Life cycle of a typical eucharitid wasp. (a) Female Dilocantha lachaudii ovipositing on Lantana camara L. (Verbenaceae). (b) D. lachaudii female with eggs scattered on leaf surface. (c) Planidium (white pointer) attached upon an Ectatomma tuberculatum larva. Insert: SEM picture of a planidium. (d) Two D. lachaudii swollen planidia (white pointers) feeding upon an E. tuberculatum larva. (e) 2nd instar larva (white pointer) relocated after host pupation. (f) Two D. lachaudii pupae from a single host pupa. The host cocoon has been removed. (g) E. tuberculatum worker transporting a recently emerged D. lachaudii female. Photos: J.-P. Lachaud and G. Pérez-Lachaud.