Table 1: Butterfly species that visited landing platforms during Bioassay I.

Scientific nameCommon nameDietOriginNumber of Landings

Morpho achilles Banded MorphofruitCentral America1
Hamadryas amphinomeBlue CrackerfruitCentral America3
Morpho helenor Blue MorphofruitCentral America319
Parthenos sylviaClipperflower/fruitPhilippines98
Neptis hylas Common SailorfruitSoutheast Asia14
Hypolimnas bolinaGreat EggflyflowerSoutheast Asia10
Catonephele mexicana Grecian ShoemakerfruitCentral America4
Eueides vibilia Vibilia LongwingflowerCentral America3
Kallima paralektaIndian LeaffruitSoutheast Asia1
Dryas juliaJuliaflowerFlorida14
Cethosia cyane Leopard Lacewingflower/fruitSoutheast Asia2
Parides iphidamas Pink CattleheartflowerCentral America1
Heraclides thoasThoas SwallowtailflowerCentral America13
Papilio pilumnusThree-tailed SwallowtailflowerCentral America1
Idea leuconoeTree NymphflowerSoutheast Asia17
Myscelia cyanirisTropical Blue WaveflowerCentral America4
Morpho polyphemus White MorphofruitCentral America1
Heliconius charithonia Zebra LongwingflowerFlorida1

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