Psyche: A Journal of Entomology / 2012 / Article / Fig 1

Research Article

The Dark Side of the Light Show: Predators of Fireflies in the Great Smoky Mountains

Figure 1

Some invertebrate predators of fireflies in the Great Smoky Mountains (photos by R. De Cock). (a) Orb-weaving spider (Araneidae) Cyclosa conica attacking a Photinus male that has been caught and wrapped. (b) Harvestman Leiobunum spp. (Opiliones: Phalangiidae) attacking a newly eclosed Photuris firefly. (c) Zelus luridus assassin bug (Hemiptera: Reduviidae) feeding on a male Photinus carolinus. (d) Bittacus spp. hangingfly (Mecoptera: Bittacidae) consuming a male Phausis reticulata.