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Review Article

A Review of the Biology of Eucharitidae (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea) from Argentina

Table 1

List of species of Eucharitidae in Argentina. Known biology is indicated for host ants (HAs), host plants (HPs), or immature stages (ISs).


 Psilocharis HeratyPsilocharis sp.*?
 Colocharis HeratyColocharis hungi Torréns?
 Dicoelothorax AshmeadDicoelothorax parviceps Cameron?
Dicoelothorax platycerus AshmeadHP, HA, IS[22]
 Dilocantha ShippDilocantha bennetti Heraty?
Dilocantha flavicornis (Walker)?
 Galearia BrulléGalearia latreillei (Guérin-Méneville)HP, HA, IS ***
 Kapala CameronKapala argentina Gemignani?
Kapala chacoensis Gemignani?
Kapala furcata (Fabricius)HP[2, 3]
Kapala splendens Ashmead?
Kapala sulcifacies (Cameron)**HP, IS[23, 24]
 Latina Koçak & KemalLatina bonariensis (Gemignani)?
Latina rugosa (Torréns, Heraty & Fidalgo)HP, HA, IS[25], HA***
 Lophyrocera CameronLatina vianai (Gemignani)?
Lophyrocera daguerrei (Gemignani)?
Lophyrocera plagiata (Walker)**?
Lophyrocera variabilis Torréns, Heraty & FidalgoHP, HA, IS[26]
 Neolirata Torréns & HeratyNeolirata alta (Walker)HP, IS[15]
Neolirata daguerrei (Gemignani)HP, IS[15]
Neolirata furcula Torréns & Heraty?
 Obeza HeratyObeza maculata (Westwood)?
Obeza nigriceps (Ashmead)?
Obeza semifumipennis (Girault)**?
 Parakapala GemignaniParakapala decarloi Gemignani?
 Pseudochalcura AshmeadPseudochalcura alba Heraty & Heraty?
Pseudochalcura americana (Howard)?
Pseudochalcura frustrata Heraty?
Pseudochalcura pauca Heraty?
Pseudochalcura prolata Heraty?
 Thoracantha Latreille
Thoracantha spegazzinii (Gemignani)HP[17]
Thoracantha striata PertyHP, IS[8]

 Orasema Cameron
Orasema aenea GahanHP, HA, IS ***
Orasema argentina GemignaniHA[6, 17]
Orasema deltae Gemignani?
Orasema freychei (Gemignani)?
Orasema gemignanii De Santis?
Orasema salebrosa HeratyHA[11, 27]
Orasema simplex HeratyHA, HP[11, 28, 29]
Orasema susanae GemignaniHA[6]
Orasema vianai Gemignani?
Orasema worcesteri (Girault)HA[17]
Orasema xanthopus (Cameron)HP, HA, IS[6, 11, 27, 28, 3039]

Abbreviations: *doubtful record [5]; **new record of presence in Argentina; ***new biological record.

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