Psyche: A Journal of Entomology / 2014 / Article / Tab 2

Research Article

Report on a Large Collection of Merope tuber Newman, 1838 (Mecoptera: Meropeidae), from Arkansas, with Notes on Collection Technique, Sex Ratio, and Male Clasper Size

Table 2

Minimum, maximum, and mean measurements of various body parts and results of Shapiro-Wilk goodness-of-fit tests on the same. is considered significant. Significant values are indicated by an asterisk (*).

MeasurementSexMinimum (mm)Maximum (mm)Mean (mm)SD (mm)Prob. <

Head widthFemale0.81.321.10.120.970.247
Pronotum widthFemale1.061.691.410.160.970.196
Forewing lengthFemale8.8613.2811.660.90.980.337
Abdomen lengthFemale4.18.966.441.30.970.153
Head widthMale0.771.391.110.150.960.534
Pronotum widthMale0.951.631.310.170.970.756
Forewing lengthMale9.5213.3911.821.040.9710.695
Abdomen lengthMale4.077.615.80.780.950.206
Basistylus lengthMale2.
Dististylus lengthMale1.472.912.340.430.910.036*
Clasper total lengthMale3.687.976.381.170.940.138