Figure 2: Mapuchea chilensis habitats (collecting sites). (a) Nothofagus forest N of the lake Tinquilco in Huerquehue NP. (b) The same forest floor with ferns and Hydrangea sp. (c) Puyehue NP near Anticura campground, leaf litter near a tree base, with abundant Hydrangea serratifolia. (d) The same, detailed view; note the absence of mosses and ferns. (e) The same, with litter removed to expose creeping stems of H. serratifolia; also note the abundant volcanic ash deposited upon the 2011 Puyehue-Cordón Caulle eruption. (f) Shrub bog at the biological station Senda Darwin on Chiloé. (g) The same, showing pan traps. (h) Shrub bog in Chiloe NP near Cucao.