Research Article

Psychosocial Problems among School Going Adolescents in Nepal

Table 4

Association of respondents’ types of family, parent’s educational status, occupational status, and marital status with psychosocial problems.

n = 287

CharacteristicsPsychosocial Problems Valuep-value

Types of Family
Father’s Educational Status
 Illiterate49(94.2)3( 5.8)
Mother’s Educational Status
Father’s Occupational Status (n = 275)
Mother’s Occupational Status (n = 284)
 Household Work120(85.7)20(14.3)
Parent’s Marital Status

Note. a = reference category. b = business, service holder, laborer, and household work. c = business, service holder, and laborer. d = joint and extended family. e = widow, widower, divorced, and married but separated. = p-value significant at ≤ .05 level.