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Research Article

Pre- and Postintervention Factor Structure of Functional Independence Measure in Patients with Spinal Cord Injury

Table 2

Exploratory factor analysis of FIM motor score at the beginning and at the end of rehabilitation (Varimax rotated loadings).

FIM itemsPretestPosttest
Factor 1Factor 2UniquenessFactor 1Factor 2Uniqueness

 (A) Eating0.150.810.330.190.810.30
 (B) Grooming0.340.860.140.360.870.11
 (C) Bathing0.750.530.160.760.510.16
 (D) Dressing, upper body0.400.860.100.400.860.10
  (E) Dressing, lower body0.850.380.130.860.380.12
  (F) Toileting0.890.330.100.890.310.10
Sphincter control
  (G) Bladder management0.900.150.170.860.230.21
  (H) Bowel management0.820.190.290.840.210.25
  (I) Bed, chair, wheelchair0.870.400.090.770.530.14
  (J) Toilet0.910.330.060.860.420.09
  (K) Tub, shower0.900.330.090.850.420.10
 (L) Walk/wheelchair0.430.520.540.450.490.57
 (M) Stairs0.680.210.490.760.170.40