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Research Article

Municipal Cross-Disciplinary Rehabilitation following Stroke in Denmark and Norway: A Qualitative Study

Table 1

Included cases. -patient days at acute stroke wards and rehabilitation hospitals/institutions.

PtSexAgePre injury vocationDwellingDays at Citizes in municipalityFunctional impairment at discharge from hospital (described by professionals in epicrisis, interdisciplinary status or rehabilitation plan)

1/DKFe<60pensioncohabiting361.000Sensomotor right-sided impact: Muscle strength and muscle tone slightly reduced, slightly reduced balance control. Leg lagging behind and impaired arm swing. Cognitively: Reduced executive and memory function. Fatique. Linguistic: Clearness in speech, but easy difficulty in steering the tongue.

2/DKMa≤65flexijobcohabiting5761.000Sensormotor: No functional changes. Cognitively: Reduced concentration and attention, especially persistent attention, reduced memory and cognitive language difficulties. Distinct executive difficulties with impaired idea generation, reduced work memory, lack of overview and problem solving ability. Reduced recognition and insight into own situation.

3/DKMa<50Full timecohabiting5161.000Sensomotor right sited impact: Slightly reduced strength. Reduced fitness and endurance.
Cognitively: Lightly reduced memory function, lightly reduced problem solving ability, lightly troubles in word finding and left-sided lateral quadrant anopsy. Fatigue.

4/DKFe<40Full timecohabiting and children9148.000Sensomotor left sited impact: Increased tone, reduced strength as well as light changes in fine motor function in shoulder, arm and hand, increased tone in cheek and tongue. Reduced endurance. Cognitively: Difficulties in divided attention challenging to rest and maintain activity. Slightly reduced memory function and easy dysarty. Fatigue.

5/DKFe<55Part time at nightcohabiting248.000Sensomotor right sited impact: Heaviness of extremities, sensory disturbances around the mouth. Able to walk independently, but she fells a bit insecurity. Some fatigue.
Cognitive. No changes

6/DKMa<55unemployedcohabiting3748.000Sensomotor left sited impact: Slight reduced control and reduced strength of the hand and leg. Left foot lags behind Balance problems, especially in the case of change of direction.
Cognitive: Uncertain whether habitually or expression of cognitive change when sudden changing subject of conversation. Minor challenged in problem solving. Fatigue.

7/NMa<50Full timecohabiting with sister and his son284.800Sensomotor right sited impact: Paralytic arm. Non-functional activation of arm and hand, but can easily activate both flexors and extensors in arm as well as supination and pronation. Incipient hand grip and dorsal reflection by hand. Reduced strength 3-4 / 5 in leg but walks without support indoors. Slight facial paresis. Cognitive: No disturbances.

8/NMa≤65Partial pensionSingle3772.000Sensomotor right sited impact: Reduced strength in the leg, but is able to walk with support, Reduced strength and fine motor movement in hand and fingers but has an important support function. Dysarthria. No cognitive disturbances

9/NFe<50pensionsingle579.500Sensomotor: Slightly tense right arm. Going independently indoor and with surveillance also outdoor. Dizziness, double vision. Cognitive: Reduced memory. Slight word finding difficulty, not fluent speech. Easily distracted by noise, other people and mess, but manage to move on in activity. Easily tired and need small breaks

10/NMa<45Full timeCohabiting and children56
+14 in a later rehabilitation course
3.500Sensomotor right sited impact: Reduced stability in hip, knee, reduced quadriceps activation. Reduced strength and stability in shoulder and elbow. Walks short distances in-door. Reduced fine motor precision in hand.
Cognitive: Suspected but not assessed due to language problems. Has aphasia, word finding challenges. Reduced memory. Possibly neglect in right site of his environment, still double vision forward and toward left.

11/NMa<60Partial pensionCohabiting and child295.500Sensomotor left sited impact: Reduced sensitivity in hand/arm. Reduced attention to and stability in shoulder. Unimpressive walk without fall risk
No evidence of cognitive difficulties in daily activities.
Identified reduced attention to the left and in the center of view.