Table 3: Comparison of commonly used regimens for recurrent Ewing sarcoma.

Cyclophosphamide + topotecanTemozolomide + irinotecanHigh-dose ifosfamideIfosfamide + carboplatin + etoposide

Number of patients66583722
Author (Ref)Saylors et al. [13]
Hunold et al. [14]
Casey et al. [36]
Wagner et al. [35]
Anderson et al. [44]
Ferrari et al. [23]Van Winkle et al. [47]
Primary toxicityMyelosuppressionGastrointestinalMyelosuppressionMyelosuppression
Myeloid growth factorYesRarelyYesYes
IV access requiredGenerallyOptional if administered orallyYesYes
Home administrationUncommonCommonNoNo
Response rates (complete + partial)33–35%29–63%34%48%