Table 1: Occurrence of different peripheral nervous system phenotype detected in various experimental and control cohorts.

Genotype Median survival age (days) Enlarged DRG (mean SD)Tumor gradeBPTNSNLP

; Cnp-EGFR 132612 High100%92%50%50%
1224710 Low100%90%80%10%
; Cnp-EGFR 114155 Hyperplasia/Low100%100%80%20%

All mice were transgenic for Dhh-Cre. f/f: flox/flox; f/+: flox/+; : total number of mice in each cohort; Median: median survival age; : number of mice examined for the occurrence of various peripheral nervous system phenotype; DRG: number of enlarged dorsal root ganglia isolated (mean ± standard deviation); Grade: tumor grade was determined by histological evaluation as described in Section 2. High: high-grade PNST; Low: low-grade PNST; Hyperplasia/Low: hyperplasia to low-grade PNST. Percentage of animals in each cohort that displayed the following peripheral nervous system phenotype; BP: enlarged brachial plexi; TN: enlarged trigeminal nerves; SN: enlarged sciatic nerves; LP: enlarged sacral plexi.