Table 1: Panel of SAGE libraries.

Library nameTumor locationSAGE tagsPathology

Met.-cell lines
 UIFK0 (Met. 1)Right middle lobe, upper anterior metastatic lesion87957 Dedifferentiated chondrosarcoma
lung metastases
 UIGP0 (Met. 2)Right upper lobe, apical lateral metastatic lesion108331
 UIGD0 (Met. 3)Right lower lobe, middle diaphragmatic metastatic lesion109862
 UIEK0 (Met. 4)Right lower lobe, middle posterior metastatic lesion-83522
 UIGX0 (Met. 5)Left lower lobe, diaphragmatic anterior metastatic lesion88439
(NM-) cell lines
 UIGE0 (NM. 1)Interior medial aspect of the pelvis. Fibrocartilaginous sample77757Recurrent nonmetastatic chondrosarcoma, grade 2
 UIFU0 (NM. 2)Interior medial aspect of the pelvis. Cartilaginous sample77019