Research Article

STAT3 Regulates Proliferation and Immunogenicity of the Ewing Family of Tumors In Vitro

Figure 3

STAT3 inhibition in ESFT cells alters the levels of a limited number of chemokines. Upper panel the gray up-pointing triangle denotes an increase, and the black down-pointing triangle denotes a decrease, of more than 10%, observed in two independent experiments for each cell line. The changes represent a ratio of density values, comparing arrays of STAT3-inihibited cells with arrays of DMSO-treated cells. Lower panel examples of arrays performed on supernatants of STAT3 null control cells (PC3) and the ESFT cell line SKNMC, cultured in the absence (DMSO treatment) or presence (S3i-201 treatment) of STAT3 inhibition. Cκβ8-1 = CCL23, ENA-78 = CXCL5, GRO = pan marker for GRO family chemokines, GROα = CXCL1, IL-8 = CXCL8, IP-10 = CXCL10, MDC = CCL22, MIP-1β = CCL4, MIP-1δ = CCL15, PARC = CCL18, and RANTES = CCL5.