Figure 1: Dkk-3 protein expression of human osteoblast and OS cell lines and Dkk-3 transfected 143B cells. (a) Comparing expression of Dkk-3 in human osteoblast (NHOST) to 8 osteosarcoma cell lines (SaOS-2, SaOS-LM7, 143B, 143.98.2, US-OS, MG-63, MNNG/HOS, and OS160) via Western blot analysis using an anti-Dkk-3 antibody. All osteosarcoma cell types showed reduced expression of Dkk-3. (b) Ectopic expression of Dkk-3 in transfected 143B cells was confirmed by Western blot using an anti-V5 antibody. Dkk-3 is overexpressed in Dkk-3 transfected cells compared to PcDNA control vector.