Table 1: Individual patient and treatment details.

SexAge at diagnosis
SiteInitial managementSize of initial lesionTime to LR/treatment of PD
Treatment for progression/LRSize of recurrent lesionTotal RT Dose (Gy)/fractionsModalityFU

F47ThighGTR 20Preop RT + GTR , 
F76ThighGTR 20.2Preop RT + GTR 50/25Ph47.2Post-op wound infection requiring IV abx, Grade 1 edema
M65ForearmGTR 36.7Preop RT +GTR 50/25Ph7.5
F73ThighGTR 124.2GTR + postop RT 66/33Ph79.8Grade 1 edema
F45ThighGTR 133.8GTR + postop RT 50/25Ph147.2
F39ThighResection, followed by LR at 4 y, managed with GTRUnknown16.3Preop RT + GTR 50/25Ph68.1
M46ThighResection, followed by LR at 11 y, treated with re-excisionUnknown124.5Preop RT + GTR 50/25Ph3.7
F55ForearmResection, followed by LR at 2 y, treated with re-excision; followed by LR at 3 y, treated with re-excisionUnknown87.9GTR + brachytherapy 60/1Ir-192148.9Grade 1 telangiectasia
M41DeltoidSTR + chemotherapy + re-excisionUnknown27.4Preop RT + GTR 50/25Ph21.3
F58ThighSTR 58.1GTR + postop RTUnknown61.2/34Ph65.1
M66ThighSTR 46.3RT alone 70/35Ph + Pr48.7
F36ThighSTR + postop RT N/AN/AN/A60/30Ph196.0Grade 2 sciatic neuropathy

F indicates female, M: male; Y: years; GTR: gross total resection; STR: subtotal resection; RT: radiation; N/A: not applicable; LR: local recurrence; PD: progressive disease; M: months; Gy: Gray; Ph: photons; Pr: protons.