Table 1: Summary of reported cytogenetic abnormalities in sclerosing rhabdomyosarcoma.


Mentzel and Katenkamp [1]20003No ARMS fusion transcripts due to t(1;13) or t(2;13) found by RT-PCR
Folpe et al. [2]20024Cases  1 and  3: inadequate RNA for RT-PCR. Case  2: no evidence of PAX3/FOXO1A or PAX7/FOXO1A fusion gene by RT-PCR.
Case  4: not tested due to the absence of nonembolized tissue
Vadgama et al. [4]20041No ARMS fusion transcripts by RT-PCR
Chiles et al. [5]2004134 cases negative for ARMS fusion transcripts (PAX3- and PAX7-FOXO1A) by RT-PCR
Croes et al. [6]20051Tumor cells negative for FOXO1A-disrupting translocation by FISH; karyotype: 44–49,XX,+del(1)(p22) ,+11,+16 ,+18 ,+21 ,−22[cp13]
Zambrano et al. [7]20063Case  1: normal. Case  2: complex structural and numerical abnormalities with numerous double minutes in most cells; case  3: less complex, with balanced translocation 46,XX,t(5;20)(q31;pl3)
Kuhnen et al. [8]20061CGH: loss of 10q22, loss of chromosome Y, gain of chromosome 18 (trisomy)
Bouron-Dal Soglio et al. [9]20091SNP array: complex aneuploid pattern including gains and losses of whole chromosome and an amplification of 12q13-15. FISH analysis showed amplification of HMGA2 and MDM2