Table 1: Summary of 4 cases of tibial resection with PSI.

Case 1Case 2Case 3Case 4

Patient information
 Age (y)18.212.511.29.8
 Sarcoma typeOS (local occurrence)EWS (primary)OS (tibial metastasis of a femoral OS)OS (primary)

 Length (cm)8.011.8 8.2 16.4
 PreservationPreservation of epiphysis Preservation of proximal tibial growth platePreservation of epiphysis; sacrifice of growth plateEpiphysiodesis of contralateral proximal tibia

 Local complicationsNoneTransient common fibular nerve palsyNoneSepsis requiring allograft replacement
 Time to host-allograft
  junction union (mo)
 Followup (mo)17191410
 Final patient outcomeExcellent; walking without assistanceExcellent; walking without assistanceExcellent; walking without assistancePoor after initial procedure; good final result; walking with a brace

M: male; F: female; OS: osteosarcoma; EWS: Ewing’s sarcoma.