Table 2: Respondents’ socio-demographic characteristics.

CharacteristicMean number (with 95% confidence intervals) or percent

Respondent’s age54.8 (52.7; 57.0) years
Percent female53%
Marital status
 Percent married/cohabiting61%
 Percent single21%
 Percent divorced/separated9%
 Percent widowed9%
Employment status
 Percent employed59%
 Percent retired35%
 Percent students1%
 Percent unemployed4%
 Percent at home1%
Mean annual income£22,900 (£21,300; £24,500)
Percent with cancer at the time of the interview9% had cancer for a mean 0.8 (0.1; 1.7) years
Percent of respondents who knew individuals with cancer66%