Table 3: Comparison of published reports on patients with brain metastases from chondrosarcoma and chordoma.

Case authorAge, sexIB yr.BM treatmentOS Mo

Flannery et al., 2010 [15]14 M, 56 M0.5–1.3GKSRS18–21
Francés-Muñoz et al., 2012 [39]53 F10 Chemo for lungNR
Kawaguchi et al., 2012 [43] 54 M0.7Chemo52
Jallu et al., 1992 [41] 54 F0.7SRNR
Konishi et al., 1994 [44]72 F2SR2
Reyaz and Ashraf, 2006 [45]34 F7SRNR
Talerman, 1967 [46]26 F
Templeton et al., 1985 [47]15 M34DNR
Waga et al., 1972 [48]32 M12SRNR
Tsutsumi et al., 2010 [40]60 M4.4Chemo, GKSRS10+
Fox et al., 1968 [49]51 FD11

Kamel et al., 2005 [53]12 M32SR32 (alive)
Anderson and Meyers, 1968 [54]69 M24SR (gross total)36 (alive)
Al-Adra et al., 2011 [52]29 M16SR, WBRT?
Morris and Rabinovitch, 1947 [56]41 M2.5WBRT2.5
Fichardt and De Villiers, 1974 [55]59 M36SR42
Higinbotham et al. 1967 [50]58 F?None (autopsy finding)72
Mesgarzadeh et al., 2008 [57]27 F18None24

Chemo: chemotherapy; D: death prior to treatment; F: female; GKSRS: Gamma knife stereotactic radiosurgery; IB: interval between diagnosis of brain metastasis from chondrosarcoma in years (yr); M: male; NR: not reported; OS: overall survival in months; Radio: radiotherapy; SR: surgical resection; WBRT: whole brain radiotherapy; adiagnosed postmortem; bbrain metastasis diagnosed first; +: survival reported for at least the stated amount.