Table 7: Summary of cases of alveolar soft part sarcoma with brain metastases as reported in previous published series.

Case Author Age, sexPrimary sitePrimary treatmentIB Mo with BMMetastatic treatment*OS* (Mo)Special aspects

Daigeler et al., 2008 [130]1119–24, M (7)Thigh (2), lower leg (2), thoracic wall (2), upper arm (2), forearm (1), Foot (1)SR; chemo with RT 78 months (5–156) 3/11
SR, RT 73% of patients are still alive at follow-up with no evidence of diseaseLocalized disease, complete resection. And adjuvant radiation within 2 years had favorable outcome

Kayton et al., 2006 [138]2016.5; 6–24,
M (10)
Thigh (8), trunk (6), Retroperito. (2), scalp, neck, forearm, calf SR, chemo, RT36 months 2/20 SR Follow-up: patients were alive after mean 22 years (4–32 years)Tumors, 5 cm were associated with longer progression-free survival

Park et al., 1999 [139]624.5 (17–35)
(2) M
Femur (3), fibula (2), ilium SR, chemo, RT 10–12 months 2/6N/AFollow-up range of patients with no evidence of disease (7 mo.–8 yrs.)ASPS arising in bone

Portera et al., 2001 [134]7426 (3–68)
49% male
Extremities (60%), trunk (20%), head and neck (12%), Retroper. (8%)SR; RT; chemo 5–24 months 14/74 ChemoMedian was 41 months for patients w/o metastasis and 40 months with metastasis

Bindal et al., 1994 [38]240–48
1 male
Thigh, rectum SR 1–15 months2/2SRStill alive after 24.7 and 16.4 months

Flannery et al., 2010 [15]242.4 (14–74)Leg, gluteal Chemo and SR 30–48 months 2/2SRSurvived from 5 to 7 years after surgery with no evidence of disease; 31–36 months after metastasis

Salvati et al., 2010 [2]335 (19–61); malesThigh (100%)SR24–58 months 3/3Alive from 15 to 24 months after SR with no evidence of disease

Wroński et al., 1995 [5] 27–14
1 male
Thigh, tongueSR 23 months2/2SR Alive 2.7–23 months SR with no evidence of disease

Chou et al., 2011 [4]425 (17–33); MNRSR and RT14.53 months 4/4SR and RT 3 dead; 1 still alive

Some results are reported for an entire series of ASPS patients, and not necessarily only those with BM; ASPS: alveolar soft part sarcoma; BM: brain metastasis; IB: interval to brain metastasis (mo); OS: overall survival in months; M: male; F: female; chemo: chemotherapy; SR: surgical resection; GKSRS: Gamma knife stereotactic radiosurgery; ICH: intracerebral hemorrhage on presentation; WBRT: whole brain radiotherapy; RT: radiotherapy; D: death prior to treatment; NR: not reported; UK: unknown; asurvival after craniotomy.