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Rhabdomyosarcoma: Advances in Molecular and Cellular Biology

Table 4

MicroRNAs involved in myogenesis and RMS development.


miR-1 and miR-133aDownregulationMYH9Myogenic miRNA, inhibit differentiation and promote proliferation in myogenesis, cytostaticRao et al., 2010 [42]

miR-206DownregulationcMETPromote differentiation and proliferation in myogenesisYan et al., 2009 [43]

miR-29DownregulationHADC4, YY1, EZH2Promote stabilization of RMS phenotypeMarchesi et al., 2014 [44]

miR-450-5pDownregulationENOX, PAX9Promote differentiation and progression Sun et al., 2014  [45]

miR-203DownregulationJAK, STAT, NotchInhibit differentiation and proliferation in myogenesis, tumor suppressorDiao et al., 2014 [46]

miR-214DownregulationN-RasInhibit tumor cell growth and induce myogenic differentiation and apoptosisHuang et al., 2014 [47]

miR-183UpregulationEGR1Promote migration and metastasisSarver et al., 2010 [48]