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Changes in Soft-Tissue Sarcoma Treatment Patterns over Time: A Population-Based Study in a Country with Universal and Centralized Healthcare

Table 1

Demographic information of soft-tissue sarcoma patients.

Total Ontario sarcoma patients22172479

Age group


Most common subtypes
 Malignant fibrous histiocytoma25011.3%1455.8%
 Giant-cell sarcoma914.1%1897.6%

Topography (ICD topography code)
 Lower limb (C40.2, C49.2)67830.6%80932.6%
 Upper limb (C40.0, C40.1, C49.1)29413.3%31112.5%

Charlson–Deyo comorbidity score (1–18)

 Not reported135661.3%142357.4%

Income quintileˠ σ

Place of residenceσ

See Appendix for the full list of sarcoma subtypes. ˠBased on nearest neighborhood census information. σProportion of missing data is 0.1% for place of residence and 0.3% for income quintile. ¥Liposarcoma subtypes include “dedifferentiated,” “pleomorphic,” “round cell,” “mixed,” and “NOS.”