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Atomic Force Microscopy on Biological Materials Related to Pathological Conditions

Figure 5

Combination of AFM with fluorescent microscopy: (a) MCF-7 breast cancer cells imaged with fluorescent microscopy (the blue color corresponds to DAPI staining that stains the cell nucleus and the green color represents antivasodilator-stimulated phosphoprotein (VASP) antibody. VASP is an actin-polymerization regulator which interacts with cell-ECM adhesion protein Migfilin and regulates cell migration [237]), (b) fluorescent image of three MCF-7 cells, (c) AFM image of the same cells, and (d) merged fluorescent and AFM images (unpublished data obtained by Andreas Stylianou in Cancer Biophysics Laboratory with an Olympus BX53 fluorescent microscope equipment, an Olympus XM10 monochrome CCD camera (1.4 megapixels), an UPlanFL N microscope objective lenses (40x/0.75 and 100x/1.30 oil), and a Molecular Imaging-Agilent PicoPlus AFM system (now known as 5500 AFM, Keysight Technologies)).