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Atomic Force Microscopy on Biological Materials Related to Pathological Conditions

Table 1

Typical examples of Young’s modulus values of collagen in the literature.

ReferencesYoung’s modulus on collagen
Collagen sourceContact model usedYoung’s modulus values (GPa)

[17]Type I collagen from bovine Achilles tendonOliver & Pharr model0.74 - 1.43
[131]Type I atelocollagen from calf skinHertz model
[11]Type I collagen from bovine Achilles tendonHertzian model, modified for cylindrical sample1.2 - 2.2
[133]Type I collagen fibrils from rat tail tendonsOliver & Pharr model3.75 - 11.5
[130]Type I collagen fibrils from calf skinHertz model