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Manufacture and Characterization of Heat-Resistant and Heat-Insulating New Composites Based on Resol Resin–Carbon Fibers–Perlite for the Built Heritage Protection

Table 3

Coefficient of thermal conductivity of composite material of phenolic resin– (resite–) carbon fibers–perlite in comparison with other organic thermal-insulating materials.

MaterialPolymeric matrixAdditiveCarbon fibers (%) (CF)Coefficient of thermal conductivity (W/mK)
Resol (R)
Polyurethane (PU) (%)
Perlite (%) (P)

R-CF7.5-P10901010 () 0.16
Cured phenolic resin10000Typ 31
Τyp 13.5
0.31 [14]
0.72 [14]
0.25 [15]
0.05 [15]
Extruded polystyrene10000DOW0.035 [16]

or resite, after resol curing. formation groups of phenol-formaldehyde resins with additives. Group I: types for general application (type 31: wood-flour) and group IV: types with increased electrical properties (type 13.5: with mica, i.e., phyllosilicate mineral) [17]. foamed extruded polystyrene as a material with uniform small and closed cells.