Table 2: Means and standard deviations.

Total Mean (SD)

PHC43.49 (9.97)
MHC39.59 (12.20)
Life satisfaction3.50 (1.05)
BPRS-E (total score)45.67 (10.77)
Positive symptoms1.68 (0.63/range 1–4)
Negative symptoms2.32 (0.79/range 1–4)
HAM-D20.02 (10.87)
UPSA-B70.43 (14.65)
Medical comorbidity
5.27 (3.43)

Note: PHC: physical health component of the SF-36, MHC: mental health component of the SF-36, BPRS-E: brief psychiatric rating scale (expanded), HAM-D: hamilton depression rating scale, and UPSA-B: University of California San Diego performance-based skills assessment (brief).