Table 3: Summary of bivariate correlations among quality of life indicators and psychiatric symptoms, cognition, functional capacity, and medical comorbidity.

PHCMHCLife satisfaction

BPRS-E (total score)−0.079−0.370*−0.306*
Positive symptoms0.070−0.016−0.058
Negative symptoms−0.038−0.607**−0.379**
Cognitive composite0.0140.094−0.281+
Medical comorbidity

Note: PHC: physical health component of the SF-36, MHC: mental health component of the SF-36, BPRS-E: brief psychiatric rating scale (expanded), HAM-D: Hamilton depression rating scale, and UPSA-B: University of California San Diego performance-based skills assessment (brief). * is significant at the 0.05 level (two tailed), ** is significant at the 0.01 level (two tailed), and + < 0.10.