(a) Methylene/water ratio calculation
(b) Lipidic chain saturation indexes
Figure 4: Quantitative and qualitative in vivo lipid assessments. (a) Representative of water suppressed MR liver spectra (left; control: grey spectrum; risperidone: black spectrum). Spectra resulted from a voxel analysis positioned in liver as described in Figure 1(b). Water and methylene peaks were clearly visible and enabled the assessment of the methylene water ratio (MWR). MWR revealed that risperidone treatment increased the lipid accumulation in liver (right histogram: control (□) % versus risperidone (■) %; , ). (b) Unsaturated Index surrogate (UIs), Poly Unsaturated Index (PUI), and Saturated Index (SI) reflecting the hepatic lipid composition. Compared to control mice, risperidone significantly induced an increase in UIs (control (□) versus risperidone (■) ; , ), in SI (control (□) versus risperidone (■) ; , ), and a decrease in PUI (control (□) versus risperidone (■) ; , ).