Research Article

Comparison of Efficacy and Safety between Long-Acting Injectable Antipsychotic Monotherapy and Combination of Long-Acting Injectable and Oral Antipsychotics in Patients with Schizophrenia

Table 3

Adverse drug reactions between the LAI antipsychotic monotherapy and combination of LAI and oral antipsychotic groups.

Adverse drug reactionsLAI antipsychotic monotherapy group ()Combination of LAI and oral antipsychotic group ()OR (95% CI)

Adverse drug reactions, (%)10 (40.0)22 (36.1)1.182 (0.45, 3.07)0.732
 Sedation1 (4.0)7 (11.5)
 Weight gain0 (0.0)1 (1.6)
 EPS4 (16.0)8 (13.1)
 Others5 (20.0)6 (9.8)

EPS: extrapyramidal side-effect.