Research Article

GADD45 𝛽 Determines Chemoresistance and Invasive Growth of Side Population Cells of Human Embryonic Carcinoma

Figure 5

Gene expression profile of SP cells according to a microarray and real-time PCR analysis. (a and b) Scatter plot analyses of gene expression in SP versus non-SP cells from NEC8 (a) and MCF7 (b). ABCG2 is shown by the green arrow, and GADD45β is shown by the gray arrow. (c and d) Quantitative gene expression analysis of ABCG2 and GADD45β (normalized to GAPDH) using real-time PCR in NEC8 (c) and MCF7 (d). Values are the mean ± SD (n=8). P*<.05 versus non-SP cells.