Research Article

Transcription Factor Lbx1 Expression in Mouse Embryonic Stem Cell-Derived Phenotypes

Figure 5

Quantification of Lbx1-expressing cardiomyocytes. (a) Percentage of Lbx1/troponin T double positive cardiomyocytes (filled bars) in relation to all troponin T-positive cardiomyocytes (open bars; approximately 1000 cells per time point) at the indicated differentiation stages. Data are shown as means ( 𝑛 = 1 0 experiments). Error bars represent standard error of the mean. (b)–(d) Representative double immunostainings of troponin T (green) and Lbx1 (red) at given time points. Nuclei were labeled with fluorescent marker DAPI (blue). White arrow in (c) indicates an Lbx1 expressing cell close to a cardiac cluster not costained by troponin T antibody. Bar =10 μm.