Figure 1: Flow cytometry analysis of mesenchymal stem cell marker expression in freshly isolated fetal and term placental pericytes. (a) Representative flow cytometry analysis of human placenta that was mechanically dissociated and enzymatically digested and subsequently stained for CD45, CD56, CD34, and CD146 along with CD44, CD73, CD90, or CD105. Matching isotype controls were shown in the left column. (b) Human fetal placenta ( , average 20 weeks of gestation) and term placenta ( , average 39 weeks of gestation) were used to isolate subsets of pericytes using surface expression of CD146+/CD34−/CD45−/CD56− (CD146+/−/−/−) and colabeled with one of the mesenchymal stem cell markers (CD146+/CD44+, CD146+/CD73+, CD146+/CD90+, CD146+/CD105+) as shown in (a). Values are mean ± standard error.