Research Article

Human Adipose Derived Stem Cells Induced Cell Apoptosis and S Phase Arrest in Bladder Tumor

Figure 2

The effect of ADSCs on the growth of human bladder cancer cells. (a) ADSCs and bladder cancer cells were cultured in a transwell membrane with 1.0 μm holes, the upside was ADSCs, and EJ or T24 cells were below. The number of EJ (b) and T24 (c) cell lines was less in the treated group than the control group. Data are shown as the means ± SD ( versus control). Three independent experiments were conducted. The effect of ADSC-CM on the viability of EJ (d) or T24 (e) cells. EJ and T24 cells viability was inhibited. Data shown were the mean ± SD of three independent experiments ( versus control). Treatment of ADSC-CM led to a significant reduction in the number of EJ (f) or T24 (g) colony formation units relative to control cells ( versus control).