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A Double-Switch Cell Fusion-Inducible Transgene Expression System for Neural Stem Cell-Based Antiglioma Gene Therapy

Figure 2

Combinatory effect of optHRP and miR-199a-5p on transgene regulation. (a) Schematic representation of the combinatorial expression cassettes containing the HMGB2 promoter and miRNA target sequences. HMGB2, high mobility group box 2 gene promoter; luc, luciferase reporter gene; miR-199a-3p and scramble target sequences as detailed in Table 1 were inserted into 3ā€²-UTR, respectively; pA, polyA signal. (b) Transgene expression levels of different expression cassettes within NSC1 and U251 cell lines are quantified by luciferase assays. Error bars: s.d. , .
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