Table 1: Patients and HSCT characteristics.

Age (years)Median: 7
Range: 3–18

Sex female/male16/17

  Malign diseases16
  Nonmalign diseases17

Type of transplantation
  MUD 18
  MSD 7
  MRD 4
  Haploidentical 4

Source of stem cells
  PBSC 4

Conditioning regimen
  Myeloablative 24
  Nonmyeloablative 9

GVHD prophylaxis
  CsA 13
  CsA + Mtx11
  CsA + MMF 6
  MMF 3

MSD: match sibling donor; MRD: match related donor; MUD: match unrelated donor; BM: bone marrow; PBSC: peripheral blood stem cell; CsA: cyclosporine A; Mtx: methotrexate; MMF: mycophenolate mofetil.