Table 2: Characteristics of GVHD and response to MSC therapy.

Patients Skin/GI/liver
aGVHD (grade)ResponseFollow-upCause of death

12/4/0IV CRAlive with extensive chronic GVHD
22/2/2IIICRDeath Bacterial infection
32/4/0IV NRDeath Extensive chronic GVHD
44/3/0IVCRAlive, no GVHD
53/3/0III CRDeath Extensive chronic GVHD + infection
64/4/0IVCRDeath Leukemia relapse
72/4/4IVNRDeath aGVHD + infection
84/2/2IV NRDeath aGVHD + infection
93/4/3IVCRAlive, no GVHD
104/4/3IVCRAlive, no GVHD
114/4/3IVPRDeath aGVHD + infection + VOD
124/4/1IVCRAlive with limited chronic GVHD
133/4/2IVPRAlive, no GVHD
144/0/0IVPRAlive with limited chronic GVHD
154/4/0IVCRAlive with limited chronic GVHD
160/4/0IVCRAlive, no GVHD
174/2/4IVPRDeathaGVHD + infection
184/4/4IVNRDeath aGVHD
194/0/0IIICRAlive with extensive chronic GVHD
204/4/3IVNRDeath aGVHD
214/4/0IVNRDeath aGVHD + infection
224/4/0IVCRAlive with extensive chronic GVHD
234/4/0IVCRAlive, no GVHD
244/4/3IVPRAlive, no GVHD
253/3/4IVNRDeath aGVHD + infection + VOD
263/4/0IVPRDeath aGVHD + infection
272/4/0IVCRAlive with extensive chronic GVHD
284/0/0IIICRAlive, no GVHD
292/4/0IVCRAlive, no GVHD
304/0/0IIICRAlive, no GVHD
324/4/0IVPRAlive, with aGVHD
332/4/0IVCRAlive, no GVHD

GVHD = graft-versus-host disease; GI = gastrointestinal; CR = complete response; PR = partial response; NR = no response; VOD = venoocclusive disease.