Research Article

Utility of Lymphoblastoid Cell Lines for Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Generation

Figure 1

LCL-to-iPSC reprogramming and characterization. (a) Schematic diagram of LCL-to-iPSC reprogramming. (b) Morphology of a reprogrammed iPSC colony at 5x, 10x, and 40x original magnifications, respectively. (c) Immunocytochemistry analysis of generated iPSCs showing expression of pluripotency markers. (d) The graphs showing gene expression of core pluripotency markers in LCLs and their reprogrammed iPSCs. (e) PCR analysis of genomic DNA confirms no integration or retention of plasmid genome/transgene in the LCL reprogrammed iPSCs at passages 17–20. (f) Image showing immunocytochemistry analysis of the cells of three embryonic germ layers differentiated from reprogrammed iPSCs using monolayer differentiation protocol. (g) Image showing normal karyotype of an iPSC line. Karyotype analyses of each reprogrammed iPSC line were found to be normal. (h) The differential gene expression graph showing significant downregulation of LCL specific genes.