Stem Cells International / 2016 / Article / Tab 1

Clinical Study

Autologous Fat Grafting Reduces Pain in Irradiated Breast: A Review of Our Experience

Table 1

Study population description. We differentiate between patients who report PMPS after mastectomy and patients who report PMPS after quadrantectomy. Analgesic drug intake was recorded for both groups. We report mean VAS values before and after treatment or at follow-up for controls; mean and median VAS values decrease together with ranges. Analysis of pain before and after treatment in both case and control patients was performed by means of Wilcoxon test; value significance was fixed at < 0.005. We obtain in cases and in controls. Moreover, by means of Mann and Whitney, we compare VAS values in case patients before treatment with controls () and in case patients after treatment with controls test ().

PMPS after mastectomyMean VAS before treatmentPMPS after quadrantectomyMean VAS after treatment or at follow-upMean VAS decreaseMedian VAS decreaseRange VAS decrease

Treated63 (120 total treated patients)7.2 (±2.1)57 (120 total treated patients)3.3 (±3.1)3.19 (±2.86)2.63 −2.1–9.6

Control35 (70 total control patients)6.9 (±2.2)35 (70 total control patients) 5.8 (±1.9)1.14 (±2.72)1.09−4.2–6.3

Stop pharmacologic therapy28 (34 total patients who assumed therapy)7.7 (±2.7) 20 (25 total patients who assumed therapy)3.4 (±2.4)4.23 (±2.14)4.86−1.6–9.3

Continue pharmacologic therapy6 (34 total patients who assumed therapy)7.9 (±1.9) 5 (25 total patients who assumed therapy)4.2 (±2.3)1.15 (±2.79)1.0 2.2–2.5