Research Article

c-kit+AT2R+ Bone Marrow Mononuclear Cell Subset Is a Superior Subset for Cardiac Protection after Myocardial Infarction

Figure 1

Flow cytometric analysis of BMMNCs. (a) FACS plots of c-kit+AT2R+, sca-1+AT2R+, and CD34+AT2R+ cells isolated from MI and sham mice. (b) FACS plots were quantified as a percentage of AT2R+ cells in total BMMNCs ( < 0.05, < 0.01 versus sham; values are means ± SEM; sham, = 6; MI, = 6). ((c)–(e)) Expression analysis of c-kit+AT2R+ (c), sca-1+AT2R+ (d), and CD34+AT2R+ (e) in BMMNCs. Values are means ± SEM (sham, = 6; MI, = 6). (f) FACS plots of AT2R+ cells isolated from human bone marrow. (g) Statistical expression analysis of AT2R+ cells in total hBMMNCs ( < 0.05, versus other patients; values are means ± SEM (other patients, = 10; CABG patients, = 10)).