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Synovial Sarcoma Microvesicles Harbor the SYT-SSX Fusion Gene Transcript: Comparison of Different Methods of Detection and Implications in Biomarker Research

Table 3

Disease and therapy status of patients with synovial sarcoma. M0: local disease, M1: metastatic disease. Current chemotherapy/radiotherapy/anticoagulation involves treatment within the last 6 weeks.

Synovial sarcoma patientsM0M1Current chemotherapyCurrent radiotherapyAnticoagulationFusion gene type

Patient 1XXSS18-SSX1
Patient 2XXSS18-SSX2
Patient 3XXXNo tumor tissue available
Patient 4XSS18-SSX1
Patient 5XSS18-SSX1
Patient 6XXSS18-SSX1
Patient 7XSS18-SSX2
Patient 8XSS18-SSX1