Figure 5: Effect of PL on chondrogenic differentiation of DPSCs. (a–d) Representative images of DPSC cultured for 21 days in chondrogenic medium without (a) or with (b) PL. They were positively stained by Alcian blue, while cells maintained in 10% FBS (c) or 1% PL (d) growth media were not. (e, f) Quantification of Alcian blue by spectrophotometry for assay controls (e) and samples containing PL (f). Significant levels according to unpaired -test ( and ). Data shown as mean + SD, obtained from three experiments. (g, h) Micromass culture of DPSCs showing positive histological staining for chondrogenesis for control (g) as well as the micromasses cultured with differentiating medium with 1% PL (h).