Figure 1: FUBP1 expression in undifferentiated ESCs and during differentiation in EBs. (a) Immunohistochemical (IHC) analysis of ESCs during normal cell culture and dissociated EBs at days 3 and 5 of spontaneous differentiation in the absence of LIF revealed significant but heterogeneous FUBP1 reactivity in the cells. (b) Visual quantification of FUBP1-negative cells based on the IHC analysis shown in (a). Between 267 and 471 cells were counted for each time point, and one slide per time point was analyzed. (c) qPCR analysis of RNA that was isolated from EBs revealed no obvious changes in FUBP1 mRNA expression during differentiation. (d) FUBP1 protein levels in EBs at different time points of spontaneous differentiation as determined by western blotting. (e) represents the quantification of the blot shown in (d). The qPCR data represent the mean values ± SD (), Ct values were normalized to Gapdh expression. Scale bars in (a) indicate 200 μm.