Table 3: Clinical trials of exosome–based therapies.

Study titleDiseaseInterventionPhaseNCT

Effect of plasma-derived exosomes on intractable cutaneous wound healing: prospective trialUlcerAutologous exosomes
Rich plasma
Early phase 1NCT02565264

Study investigating the ability of plant exosomes to deliver curcumin to normal and colon cancer tissueColon cancerCurcumin delivery by exosomesPhase 1NCT01294072

Effect of microvesicles and exosomes therapy on β-cell mass in type I diabetes mellitus (T1DM)Type I diabetes mellitusUmbilical cord blood-derived MSC microvesiclesPhase 2
Phase 3

Preliminary clinical trial investigating the ability of plant exosomes to abrogate oral mucositis induced by combined chemotherapy and radiation in head and neck cancer patientsHead and neck cancer
Oral mucositis
Dietary Supplement: grape extract
Drug: lortab, fentanyl patch, mouthwash
Phase 1NCT01668849

Pilot study of metformin in head and neck cancer and its effect on proinflammatory cytokines and exosomes implicated in acute and chronic toxicityHead and neck cancerRadiation: external beam radiation therapy
Drug: metformin hydrochloride
Other: placebo
Early phase 1NCT03109873

Phase II trial of a vaccination with tumor antigen-loaded dendritic cell-derived exosomes on patients with unresectable non-small-cell lung cancer responding to induction chemotherapyNon-small-cell lung cancerTumor antigen-loaded dendritic cell-derived exosomesPhase 2NCT01159288

Clinical trial of tumor cell-derived microparticles packaging chemotherapeutic drugs to treat malignant pleural effusionMalignant pleural effusionBiological: tumor-derived microparticles
Drug: cisplatin
Phase 2NCT02657460