Research Article

Kindlin-2 Modulates the Survival, Differentiation, and Migration of Induced Pluripotent Cell-Derived Mesenchymal Stromal Cells

Figure 7

iPSC-MSCs suppress inflammatory reaction after transfection with Kindlin-2. To investigate the immunomodulatory properties of iPSC-MSCs after Kindlin-2 overexpression/knockdown, mixed lymphocyte reaction (MLR) was used to mimic an inflammatory reaction by mixing CD4+ lymphocytes with healthy donor peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PMNCs) on iPSC-MSCs or BM-MSCs feeder layers. (a) CD4+ lymphocyte proliferation in an MLR assay using BrdU incorporation. The iPSC-MSCs/BM-MSCs could significantly () decrease lymphocyte proliferation in all four groups compared to MLR without a feeder layer. No significant differences were found between the different MSC groups (not indicated). (b and c) Production of cytokines IFN-γ and IL-2 in the supernatant of MLR assays from the iPSC-MSC/BM-MSCs coculture experiments. A significant decrease of IFN-γ levels was observed between controls without MSCs and iPSC-MSC or BM-MSCs coculture experiments in all four groups, but no significant differences were noted between MSC groups (b). Compared to MLC without MSCs, IL-2 significantly decreased only in the Kindlin-2 overexpression group and not in other groups compared to MLR without a feeder (c). difference .