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Stem Cells International
Volume 2017, Article ID 8085637, 10 pages
Research Article

In Vivo Tracking of Chemokine Receptor CXCR4-Engineered Mesenchymal Stem Cell Migration by Optical Molecular Imaging

Department of Nuclear Medicine, Kyungpook National University School of Medicine and Hospital, Daegu, Republic of Korea

Correspondence should be addressed to Byeong-Cheol Ahn;

Received 15 February 2017; Revised 4 May 2017; Accepted 11 May 2017; Published 27 June 2017

Academic Editor: Renke Li

Copyright © 2017 Senthilkumar Kalimuthu et al. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

Supplementary Material

Additional file 1. Schematic diagram of vector construct . (A) Retroviral vector for double reporter gene for making MSC/Fluc2. (B) Retroviral vector of CXCR4 containing double reporter gene for making MSC-CXCR4/Fluc2. (C) Lentiviral particles for double reporter gene containing Rluc and mCherry for MDAMB-231/Rluc. Additional file 2. eGFP analysis by FACS of MSC/CXCR4-Fluc2 cells. The gating strategy included two successive gates: a first gate on SSC-H and FSC-H to select cells (P1), and for the histogram another gate (P2) drawn for confirm the GFP positive cells. The experiments were performed in triplicate used for analyzing the means ± standard deviation (SD).

  1. Supplementary material