Figure 3: Analysis of graft-bearing kidneys for the presence of GFP+ transplanted cells. After immunofluorescence analysis of the graft-bearing kidneys using anti-GFP antibody, the number of mice with remaining GFP+ cells at the transplant site and the number of mice analyzed in each group were tabulated (a). No differences in the frequency of graft survival between the untreated and preactivated allogeneic groups were observed (b); differences were only found between the allogeneic and syngeneic groups, , log rank. The allogeneic group 7 days after transplantation (c, d), stained with DAPI and GFP+, respectively. The allogeneic group 14 days after transplantation (e, f). The allogeneic group 14 days after transplantation of preactivated MSCs (g, h). The allogeneic group 28 days after transplantation (i, j). The syngeneic group 100 days after transplantation (k, l). Magnification of 200x.