Figure 12: Analysis of stem cell- and germ cell-specific marker expression used at inhibition. Chicken FS101 and FS111 PC PGC lines were transfected with anti-miR-302b-5P and anti-miR-302b-3P vectors using siPORT transfection reagent. (a), (b) Expression of CVH, cDAZL, cPOUV, and cNANOG (relative to cGAPDH as the reference gene) and gga-miR-302a, gga-miR-302b-3p, and gga-miR-302b-5p (relative to U6 as the reference gene) was analysed. Relative gene expression values were calculated relative to the FS101 sample in each case. (c) The proliferation rate of the PGCs was measured on 3 different days using CCK-8 proliferation assay. The doubling time was calculated according to the measured optical densities (OD). (d) The miR-302b-5p/miR-302b-3p ratio was calculated from the average delta Ct values of samples. PC PGC line: Partridge colour Hungarian chicken embryo derived primordial germ cells.