Figure 8: An overview of the results of LC chicken miRNA microarray analysis. (a) The microarray analysis was performed on 4 PGC lines (2 female and 2 male) (Supplementary Tables 25). On the microarray, 991 chicken-specific miRNAs, 42 plate controls, and 6 gga-5Sb rRNA probes were placed (Supplementary Table 6). From the 991 miRNAs, 27 miRNAs were expressed in all samples and altogether 153 miRNAs were expressed in PGC lines. (b) The Venn diagram introduces the similarities and differences between the cell lines. (c) Paired -test analysis was conducted between the male (4ZP, FS101) and female (5ZP, FS111) PGC lines by LC Sciences Company. Paired -test was conducted between the male and female PGC samples at the 0.05 significance level, to analyse the differences in the expression level of all expressing miRNAs in the samples. The heat map represents the result of the analysis. Only 6 differentially expressing miRNAs were found: gga-miR-1354, gga-miR-1767, gga-mir-30c-5p, gga-miR-1584, gga-miR-1599, and gga-miR-2127 (Supplementary Table 7, Supplementary Fig. 1).