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The Effect of Age on the Regenerative Potential of Human Eyelid Adipose-Derived Stem Cells

Figure 4

Characterization of age-related changes on the multilineage differentiation of HEASCs. (a) After 14 d in culture, the cells were stained with Oil Red O. (b) The Oil Red O solution was eluted, and the optical density was measured. (c) Gene expression analysis of PPRAγ. (d) After 21 d in culture, the cells were stained for calcium deposition with Alizarin Red S solution. (e) The staining solution was removed, and the absorbance was red at 550 nm. (f) The examination of the osteogenic-related gene expression of an early transcription factor (Runx2) and secreted phosphoprotein (OPN). (g) After 21 d in culture, the pellets were stained with Alcian blue and sections (6 μm) were further stained with hematoxylin-eosin stain. (h) The gene expression was analyzed via Aggrecan, Sox9, COMP, and COL 2A1. Results expressed as mean ± SD. . value < 0.01. value < 0.001.