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Research Article

Hair Follicle Dermal Cells Support Expansion of Murine and Human Embryonic and Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells and Promote Haematopoiesis in Mouse Cultures

Figure 7

Hair follicle dermal cells support haematopoietic activity in coculture with murine bone marrow cells. (a) Total numbers of nonadherent cells produced by coculture of murine bone marrow cells with different stromal support cells over a 28-day period.  ± SD. (b) CFU-A colony production by coculture of murine bone marrow cells with stromal cells. Total burst colonies produced per sample over a 28-day period. No colonies were produced from c-kit fractions for any stromal condition.  ± SD. S-17: an immortalized stromal cell line; BMSC: bone marrow stromal cells; DP: dermal papilla cells; DS: dermal sheath cells.